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Business Map Designers Specialising in UK Postcode Maps, Location maps and Vector Editable Outline Maps of the World


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Help & Video Tutorials

Watch a quick 2 minute video tutorial showing how to use this tool to colour and split the map into multiple zones.

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FR DE CH AT SK HU RO RS IT BA ME AL TN DZ MA ES PT BG TR GR MD PL FI RU LT EE BY UA UK IE LV SE IS NO CZ Mediterranean Sea Skagerrak Bay of Biscay Irish Sea North Sea Baltic Sea Agean Sea Ionian Sea Adriatic Sea Black Sea Tyrrhenian Sea Norwegian Sea North Atlantic Ocean Strait of Gibraltar POLAND SPAIN PORTUGAL SARDINIA SICILY MALTA CORSICA Andora ALGERIA TUNISIA MOROCCO FRANCE MONACO RUSSIA NETHERLANDS SWITZ. LIECH. ITALY F.Y.R.O.M MONTENEGRO TURKEY IRELAND ICELAND Aberdeen Bergen Trodhelm Goteborg Gotland Oland Bornholm Narvik Umea Gavle Tampere Oulu Gdansk Brest Wroolaw Krakow Pecsi Thessaloniki Peloponnisos Crete Loannina Varne Constanta Liviv Kiev Cluj-Napoca Istanbul Rhodes Smolensk St. Petersburg Murmansk Poznan Hammerfest Kirune Edinburgh Newcastle Hamburg Hannover Belfast Lyon Venice San Marino Milan Turin Genoa Florence Geneva Strasbourg Munich Bern Dublin Liverpool Nantes Bordeaux Marselle Le Harve Leipzig Bonn Frankfurt Stuttgart Rostock Bilbao Sevilla Malaga Gibralta Porto Barcelona Valencia London Oslo Stockholm Tallinn Helsinki Warsaw Bratislava Budapest Ljubljana Zagred Sarajevo Belgrade Bucharest Sofia Chisinau Athens Tirane Skopje Podorica Vienna Graz Minsk Riga Kaliningrad Vilnius Paris Rome Tunis Algiers Rabat Naples Palermo Berlin Prague Luxembourg Brussels Amsterdam Madrid Lisbon Reykjavik CZECH REPUBLIC BALEARIC ISLANDS Orkney Islands Shetland Islands Faroe Islands SWEDEN FINLAND NORWAY ESTONIA LATVIA LITHUANIA DENMARK BELARUS GERMANY BELGIUM LUX. UKRAINE MOLDOVA SLOVAKIA HUNGARY AUSTRIA ROMAINIA SERBIA BULGARIA BOSNIA CROATIA SLOVENIA ALBANIA GREECE To remove this notice you need to unlock the map. Buy Unlock Buy Unlock Code HOW TO REMOVE this really annoying message box. £9.95 ..and create unlimited maps & save them as PDF's. Have a play with the tools before clicking Buy. Everything works apart from save & file manager. Map Title Heading

First released: June 2012 - Version 1 | Latest release 30/11/2017 - Version 7.31 | Release Notes